Carrer Princesa

Carrer Princesa (17)

Carrer Princesa extends from Via Laietana to Ciutadella, bisecting the Born district.

This district is simultaneously historically rich and very young, and houses a diverse community with a strong cultural vibe. 

Flower-decorated balconies, recently washed clothes hanging out, narrow streets, arches, fashion shops, art galleries, workshops, restaurants, call centres, bars... a very special combination that has made this one of the liveliest areas in the city.

To stroll through the narrow streets is to come in to direct contact with the history of the city, beginning with Carrer Princesa, which is full of life at all hours of the day and night. 

Indian, Pakistani, Moroccan, Peruvian... This street has everything. It even has magic. At number 11, Carrer Princesa, visitors will find El Rei de la Màgia, a tiny but charming emporium established in 1881 and selling all kinds of magic-related articles. At the end of the street you will find yourself enveloped in aromas of cinnamon and saffron from the spice warehouse, while in front of this you will see the house where the famous painter Santiago Rusiñol was born.

Let yourself get lost in the labyrinth of winding narrow alleys of the Born district and discover the friendly bustle of its medieval streets at your own pace. This is the former location of many craftsmen from the various guilds, hence the curious street names - Cotoners (Cotton), Mirallers (Mirrors), Sombrerers (Hatters) ... 

One of the liveliest streets, Carrer Argenteria, leads to the basilica of Santa María del Mar (St Mary of the Sea). Opposite one of the sides of the basilica is the Plaça del Fossar de Moreres, the old parish cemetery where the remains of those who defended the city in 1714 are buried. The square, which was restored in 1968, features an incense burner that pays tribute to the heroes of the historic defeat.

This area is always a lively place to walk around and, if you look hard enough, you may find what is considered the narrowest street in the city, Carrer de les Mosques (Fly Street!).

Today the Passeig del Born is a key location for the city's modern inhabitants, and no one would guess that, for centuries, it was the stage for medieval tournaments.

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