Chocolate Museum

Chocolate Museum (52)

This might well be the sweetest museum in the city. If you are in the area, go and find out about the history of chocolate from its origins to the present day. Or at least, go in and try some of the most select examples in the shop-cafeteria.

The museum is situated on the ground floor of the Sant Agustí Vell barracks, formerly the 14th century convent of Sant Agustí Vell which was practically destroyed during the siege of 1713 and the fighting of 11 September 1714. If you look closely you can see elements of Gothic design in the cloister area which have been preserved. In the mid-18th century the Augustine monks abandoned the remains and the site was taken over by the military. In fact, it is known to be one of the oldest urban barracks in Europe and displays the functional academic Baroque military architecture of the time. 

And although it sounds strange, Barcelona and chocolate have a long history in common because being a port, the city was the entrance point for products from the new world. In fact the first chocolate factory in Europe was documented in Barcelona in 1780. 

The exhibition in the museum shows the story of chocolate from its origins, manufacturing, transformation and medicinal, nutritional and aphrodisiac qualities. There are objects, interactive panels, audio visuals and a display of chocolate figures, among which the most outstanding are the 19th century German locomotive which is more than 7 metres long and took 300 kilos of chocolate to make, the statue of Ben Hur, Gaudí’s dragon and the Sagrada Familia, among others. 

Next to the museum there is a shop and cafeteria where you can taste and buy different varieties of chocolate, all of them enough to make your mouth water. 

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