Port Vell (Old Port)

Port Vell (Old Port) (91)

The most attractive part of the port area begins just in front of the Portal de la Pau and the Columbus monument, at the end of Las Ramblas.

Thanks to the works carried out on the occasion of the 1992 Olympics and the 2004 Forum, the city recovered its seafront. And along with it, five kilometres of beaches for the enjoyment of the general public. 

Today it is one of the city's liveliest areas, offering a rich variety of cultural, sporting and recreational activities. Every year it is visited by more than sixteen million people.

Here you will find Drassanes Pier, from where curious craft known as "Golondrinas" (Swallows) depart, offering visitors the ideal way to visit the port, i.e. from the sea.

An imaginary line joins Las Ramblas with Rambla de Mar, as if the former longed to touch the sea. La Rambla de Mar is an elegant, undulating wooden footbridge that is suspended over the water by means of a series of iron supports. It is sometimes opened to let water-borne vessels pass. The bridge is a unique seafront walkway that leads to the largest concentration of leisure activities in the area. 

The stretch from the Rambla de Mar to the beginning of the Moll de España, and that extends parallel to the Paseo de Colón, is called Moll de la Fusta . This a wide, palm-tree-lined avenue designed for strolling and, down at sea level, features a stand where people can relax and contemplate the boats on Mediterranean.

The heart of Port Vell is undoubtedly the Maremagnum a leisure and shopping centre that is open all year round and features numerous restaurants, shops and bars. In addition, you can enjoy views of the sea and the city at any time of day or night.

Another feature here is the Aquarium. Europe's largest Mediterranean-themed aquarium. Cutting-edge technology has been used to recreate, as faithfully as possible, the various marine environments. A total of 35 aquariums are featured, with more than 11,000 specimens, the main attraction being an 80-metre-long, glass-covered tunnel that, when walked through, submerges the visitor in the magical world of the Oceanarium.

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