Teatre Nacional de Catalunya

Teatre Nacional de Catalunya (98)

Seen from the outside, the imposing view of this building is a spectacle in itself, especially at night when it is lit up.

The National Theatre of Catalonia, also known as the TNC, was designed by the Ricard Bofill Architecture Studio. Work began in 1991 and it was officially opened six years later. 

Built in the form of a Parthenon it has a surface area of 20,000 metres squared and its metal roof supports 26 columns each measuring 12 metres. 

The main vestibule can be seen from the street and was conceived as a large glassed-in public square, with interior vegetation. It is a place for meeting and relaxation where you will find the box office, a library and the cafeteria. 

The Grand Sala of the theatre has seating for an audience of almost 900, arranged in classical amphitheatre style, and it is decorated with wood for improved acoustics and to achieve a space which is comfortable despite its large size.  

The Small Sala was created by set-design consultants Ibañez y Bantjes. It is a space given over to innovation which allows for experimentation with new relationships between actors and their audience. Moving galleries, folding seats, telescopic seating tiers and removable trap doors in the floor, enable the seating arrangement for an audience of 500 to be varied according to the performance. 

The theatre also has an annexe of 5,600 metres squared, which houses the workshops. The workshop set is sometimes used as an alternative performance room. 

See the programme for shows currently playing in each of the three spaces. If you cannot get tickets, you can always just go to the National Theatre of Catalonia  for dinner or a coffee. The cafeteria and restaurant are open from one hour before the start of the first performance to two hours after the end of the last, and offer impressive views of the theatre. 

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