Pfaueninsel Palace

Pfaueninsel Palace (53)

Without doubt, a trip to the Pfaueninsel Palace is one of the most spectacular in the city. Here you will feel completely isolated from the rest of the world, it is a truly idyllic and romantic spot. A visit here will show you the quietest side of Berlin. 

The palace is located on what is known as “Peacock Island”, an island of 67 hectares where these birds make their home. The only way to get there is in a small boat that makes the trip every hour. 

This white castle with its gracious tower seems to have been taken straight out of a fairytale. It is situated in Pfaueninsel, a large park created by Peter Joseph Lenné. Until he died, Lenné worked on transforming the land between Lake Havel and the cities of Berlin and Potsdam. He succeeded in making it into a natural landscape and architectural spectacle. The gardens are lovingly cared for and the smallest detail is accounted for, fountains and all kinds of plants and shrubs are in abundance. 

The Pfaueninsel Palace was built in 1797 as a summer residence for Frederick William II and its design followed the fashion of the moment. The architect Johann Gottlieb Brendel created artificial ruins to give it the air of a medieval castle. However, it is said that the order from Frederick William was to build a palace so romantic it would woo his lover. 

But not only is its facade surprising: the varieties of furniture found inside are true relics. They are romantic in style and in such good condition that seeing them will take you back in time.

The island has been declared a natural reserve and consists of pathways of century-old evergreen oaks and beautiful views of the river Havel. This place is highly recommended if you are after some peace and quiet. 

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