Hotel Mêtropole

Hotel Mêtropole (16)

The area of the city between Place de Brouckère and Place Rogier is well-known as the city’s hotel district. Of all the zone’s hotels, one of the most important and oldest is the Hôtel Métropole. 

It was the brewers Wielemans who bought the building in 1891 and contracted the architect Alban Chambon to build this hotel complex. This fantastic art nouveau building was therefore opened three years later. Since that time, the hotel has been frequented by important figures such as heads of state or artists the stature of Sarah Bernhardt or Isadora Duncan. In 1911, moreover, it was the site of the Conseil de Physique de Solvay convention, which was attended by the famous scientists Marie Curie and Albert Einstein. Also interesting is the fact that the building has been used as a location for films as important as “The Blood of Others” by Claude Chabrol.

Pay attention, also, to the statues on top of the roof. These figures represent Progress between Abundance and Peace, and were made by the sculptor Jacques de Haen. 

And even if you are not staying at the hotel, feel free to enjoy its beautiful café and terrace bar, where people sit both in summer and in winter as it has a fantastic heating system.

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