Maison de la Bellone

Maison de la Bellone (20)

Do not try to see this beautiful building from the street, as you will not succeed in doing so because “the house at the back”, as it was called in the city, is currently covered in a glass roof which makes it impossible to see from outside. 

Once you enter the site, you will be able to see that the facade of this seventeenth-century aristocratic residence is extremely beautiful. It is also believed, although not known for sure, that it was sculpted by Cosyn. It is particularly remarkable for the decorative motifs, particularly the statue you will encounter above the main door, which represents Bellona, the Roman Goddess of war, after whom the building is named. In the background, you will also see a trophy in memory of the victory of the Austrian people over the Turks in 1697.

Observe, as well, that below the windows there are four magnificent medallions upon which several Roman emperors are represented. 

The building is currently the headquarters of the Maison du Spectacle and the site of a whole host of performances and exhibitions, as well as an interesting centre for documentation. 

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