Musée Horta

Musée Horta (45)

If you are one of those people whose curiosity is aroused by how the famous live, then you will probably love visiting this museum. Well, perhaps viewing the home of the famous architect Victor Horta is not the same as taking a look at the houses in Hello magazine, but you will no doubt be fascinated by its interiors. 

It was at numbers 23 and 25 of Rue Américaine that Horta set up his residence and his workshop. As a true forerunner to art nouveau, his house is a fantastic example of this architectural style. If you visit the Horta Museum, you will therefore not only see how the artist lived, but may also enjoy art in all its splendour.

To start with, do not be deceived by its facade, as it is not at all representative of what you will find once you cross the threshold. In fact, when you go in, you will probably be fascinated by the mixture of curvilinear shapes, iron and glass that prevail throughout the building. 

Another thing, while making your way around the house, is not to forget to pay attention to all the small details, such as the door handles, latches, carpets, radiators, and hinges, as Horta himself thought that all items were important and took each and every one of them into account when designing interiors.

You will also notice that the building as a whole is structured around a beautiful staircase, decorated with sinuous wrought iron details. It is also crowned by a glass roof that provides natural light throughout the house.

Of the other items you can see, we recommend you pay attention to the white enamel bricks in the dining room, the different levels on which the bedrooms are organised, the ceilings of the music room and the beautiful furniture. We hope that all this will give you an idea of what the famous architect’s life was like. 

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