Andrássy Avenue

Andrássy Avenue (34)

Andrássy Avenue is the most distinguished in the capital and has even been declared a Unesco World Heritage site. It was designed by Miklós Ybl and its three kilometres were built between 1872 and 1885. What’s more, it unites the centre of the city with ´Heroes’ Square` and the ´Municipal Park` in Pest. 

Its present day name comes from the statesman Andrássy, who had a key hand in creating the Austro-Hungarian pact of 1867. However, over the years the street has been called various things. For example, after the Second World War it was known as ´Stalin Avenue`, it was later called ´Avenue of Hungarian Youth` and then the also rather unappealing ´Avenue of the Popular Republic`. 

On stepping onto it you will soon realise that it is lovely avenue of neo-renaissance design and a truly romantic atmosphere. In addition, you will see many mansions and palaces with elegant gardens, as well as the important State Opera House and Academy of Fine Arts. At the same time it is an ideal place for shopping. Therefore, even though the metro runs the length of it, stopping at various places, the best way to enjoy this lovely thoroughfare is to simply explore it on foot.

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