Castle Hill (Várhegy)

Castle Hill (Várhegy) (4)

´Castle Hill` is definitely the grandest place in the city. It is a limestone plateau, one kilometre long and two-hundred metres high, rising up next to the banks of the Danube. 

Despite the district’s astounding beauty, the truth is that little remains of its medieval past, due to the destructive elements of wars and invasions. For example, during the Second World War, the district was almost completely flattened. This means that many of the area’s present day buildings were rebuilt in its aftermath. 

On this hillside, you will also find the best medieval monuments and some of the most important museums in Budapest. The walled area consists of two parts: to the north, the old quarter, where common people lived during the Middle Ages and which is today one of the most expensive residential zones in the city. On the other side, you will find the ´Royal Palace` zone, once the site of a 13th century castle. Today, the palace houses various important museums, like the Budapest History Museum and the National Gallery. 

What’s more, you should know that in the hill’s subsoil is a cave system formed by thermal springs, which was used as a place of refuge during wartime. 

You can get to the top of the hill in a variety of ways: by bus, funicular or even metro. However, we recommend that you get there on foot, which although tiring, lets you enjoy a host of splendid views. In addition, this is an ideal location to have dinner. Though not cheap, the restaurants in this district are among the best in Budapest.

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