Gellért Hill

Gellért Hill (15)

Gellért Hill rises two-hundred and thirty metres into the air to the southeast of ´Castle Hill`, between the Elizabeth and Freedom bridges that cross the Danube. It gets its name from the Benedictine bishop ´Gellert`, tutor to Prince Emeric, the son of Saint Stephan, who was ordered to convert the Magyars to Christianity. However, according to legend, the bishop met a tragic death when he was put into a barrel and thrown into the Danube from the top of the hill by a group of pagans. Other versions state that he was thrown from ´Elizabeth Bridge`. Whatever the case, the fatal outcome of the event earned the hill its name. 

If you decide to get to the top on foot, make sure you take it easy because the climb up takes about half an hour. The views you get from the top though ensure it is worthwhile. You will also be able to see that the summit is crowned by the renowned ´Freedom Monument` as well as the citadel’s fort. 

Nowadays, the hill’s surrounding areas are made up of parks, private homes and thermal baths, which take advantage of the fountains found inside the hillside. The most famous of these are ´Rudas’ Baths` and the very well-known ´Gellért`. However, if you cannot get excited about taking a bath, you can just as easily visit the ´Bombeo Room` near Rudas’ Baths, where it is possible to try a variety of warm waters, said to have curing properties, at a reasonable price.

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