Gellért Hotel and Thermal Baths

Gellért Hotel and Thermal Baths (18)

The Danube Gellért Hotel is definitely the best and most elegant in the city. It is a four-star hotel with two hundred and thirty-four rooms built, together with the thermal baths, between 1909 and 1918, as part of a political urban plan to transform Budapest into a place known for its health and thermal treatment facilities.

You will see that the building contains some valuable examples of art nouveau and is located above a set of low thermal springs, which since the Middle Ages have supplied water with curative properties at a temperature of forty-six degrees. Since its inauguration, the centre has welcomed a host of royalty to its doors. 

The hotel’s guests have free access to the thermal baths next-door. But even if you are not staying here, it is worth buying one of the various tickets on offer and enjoying a visit to this old spa centre.

On entering the building, pay attention to the huge vestibule and many pools, which are some of the most beautiful in Budapest. There are various magnificent ceramic fountains but what really catches your attention is the central pool and its crystallised ceiling and mosaic covered floor. In addition, you can enjoy bathing in pools of different temperatures, water jets and even a lovely massage. If you visit between May and September you will also be able to take advantage of the open-air pool with artificial waves designed especially for kids, but which adults can enjoy too. What’s more, it is possible to stroll around the beautiful gardens, whose whole area is connected to the main centre by an underground passage. 

Without doubt, this luxury bath centre will surely remind you of a scene from an advert or film.

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