Heroes' Square (Hosök Tere)

Heroes' Square (Hosök Tere) (41)

Heroes` Square is located at the end of Andrássy Street. You will find that it is a magnificent piece of architecture containing the Millennium Commemorative Monument, built in 1896 to mark the one thousand year existence of the Hungarian state. What really catches your attention about it is its large thirty six metre column crowned by the figure of the Archangel Gabriel, holding a double apostolic cross in one hand and saintly crown in the other. At the base, you will see statues of the seven conquering Magyar leaders, with Arpád in the centre especially standing out. At its feet, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier was added in the 1920’s and Soviet veterans still come here to pay homage. 

On both sides stand various columns supporting fourteen statues representing the kings of Hungary and influential figures from the Wars of Independence. What’s more, the statues found in the upper section represent Work and Prosperity, Honour and Glory, and War and Peace.  

The grand scale of this square is an indication of what Hungarians feel for their country. 

You will also find adjoining it, Parade Square, a place where, as its name suggests, many parades and official processions are held.

In addition, on each side of the square are two of the most important museums in Budapest: the Museum of Fine Arts and the Gallery of Art.

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