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Budapest is the capital of Hungary and its main industrial, commercial and transport centre. In addition, it contains around one and a half million inhabitants, a fifth of the country’s total population. At the same time, it is The European Union’s ninth biggest city in terms of size. 

You will already be aware that Budapest came about from the 1873 unification of the cities of Buda and Óbua on the river Danube’s right bank, and Pest on its left bank. This great river runs majestically through the city north to south, giving it the name ´The pearl of the Danube`.  

It is a city with a great deal of variety of architectural styles, coming about from its turbulent past and giving it a solemn and elegant beauty. The architectural contrast can be also seen in other aspects of the capital. You will find a huge difference between the dynamism and cosmopolitan atmosphere of some areas and the quiet and classic style of others. The city’s climate also differs greatly, being very cold in winter and rather hot and humid in summer. 

Its greatness and diversity can often seem startling, but a visit to Budapest will definitely not disappoint you. Among the great many things you can see or do here in this small metropolis, there are several you will not want to miss out on. Just some include, a lovely walk along the beautiful streets of Castle Hill, a visit to the Royal Palace and Fishermen’s bastion, admiring the elegance of the Parliament building and having a drink in one of the many charming cafes. And do not forget that it is a city famous for its spa centres, so be sure to relax in one of its many thermal baths.

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