Trade and Hostelery Museum

Trade and Hostelery Museum (23)

If you like strange and original museums a world away from the usual kinds of sights, get yourself over to Fortuna Street. At number four on what used to be called ´German Street`, due to the origins of its former inhabitants, is situated the intimate ´Trade and Hostelry Museum`.

The building was built at the end of the 17th century in the zopf style, on the foundations of three medieval dwellings. In addition, its courtyard is home to a lovely grapevine which was planted here more than two hundred years ago. 

On entering the museum, you will find the food section away to the left, here you will see one of its most interesting displays: an authentic reproduction of 19th century confectionery. There is also a workroom, old-fashioned refrigerator, furniture and wide variety of utensils. This collection is actually in homage to the famous pastry chefs József Dobos and Emil Gerbeaud. 

What’s more, in other sections of the museum you will be able to observe the evolution of Budapest’s retail commerce and another very interesting exhibition: a display of how post Second World War inflation affected the country, bringing about a situation in which people needed a whole chest full of money just to buy four eggs.

To discover more about Budapest, it is well worth visiting this original museum.

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