Király Thermal Baths

Király Thermal Baths (20)

These thermal baths are considered some of the most famous in Hungary, so if you fancy some therapeutic treatment make sure you come either here or to the also excellent ´Gellért Baths`. 

This architectural joy was built in the 16th century by Arslan, the Turkish governor of Buda at the time and who chose for its site a former Roman military base. However, its name comes from one of its numerous later owners: the Konig family. 

You will find here four pools with temperatures ranging from between twenty-six and forty degrees, as well as individual baths, salt baths and saunas. Even more appealing than all this though is the building’s beauty, especially the impressive central, crystal cupola. In the domes there are fragments of encrusted glass which give off a gentle, atmospheric light. Also adding to the effect is the cupolas’ copper covering which can be observed from inside these genuine Turkish baths. 

So come and enjoy these thermal baths, which together with the ´Gellért Baths` are maybe some of the most beautiful in Budapest. Make sure though that you check which days are for men and which days are only for women.

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