Matthias Church

Matthias Church (10)

´Matthias Church` is one of the tiny jewels found in the city, getting its name because it was the site legendary King Matthias of Hungary married Beatriz of Aragon in 1474. This church originally belonged to the Germans who lived in the area and was dedicated to the Virgin Saint, its real name being ´Our Lady of Castle Hill`. 

Some parts of the church date back to the 13th Century, examples of these are the lower part of the bell tower, the interior pillars and ´Door of Maria`. You should also note that the building was almost completely rebuilt in 1876 by the architect Frigyes Schulek.

On visiting the church you will see that it is covered in coloured tiles and crowned with a spelt spire, while the floral and geometric motifs on the walls are also particularly eye-catching. Once inside, be sure to pay attention to the frescoes and stain glassed windows, as well as the 14th Century bas-relief found on the ´Door of Maria`, which depicts the virgin’s death.    

Very close to the main door are two chapels: the first is dedicated to Saint Stephan, the first Catholic king of Hungary, while in ´Trinity Chapel` you will find the double sarcophagus of King Béla III and his wife Anna of Chátillon.  

Occasionally organ concerts are held here, following a tradition dating back to the year 1867 when, in honour of the coronation of Francis Joseph I and his wife Elizabeth, the first playing of the ´Hungarian Coronation Mass` by Franz Liszt took place.

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