Ethnographic Museum

Ethnographic Museum (30)

In front of the parliament is this fascinating museum housed inside a former neo-renaissance palace that was originally the headquarters of the Upper Tribune and the General Office of the State. The building was designed in 1893 by the architect Alajos Hauszmann and its facade contains statues of magistrates, legislators and other eminent legal figures 

The Ethnographic Museum stands out because of the great beauty of its architecture, both inside the building and outside. Worth a special mention is its magnificent vestibule, with a lovely marble staircase featuring images of large spiders. Take note too of the splendid fresco on the ceiling, an allegory to ´Justice` by Károly Lotz. 

The museum’s permanent displays are found in the thirteen rooms of the first floor. Here you will find various objects that might help you to understand better the traditional Hungarian way of life. Worth seeing are the replicas of peasants’ houses, the selection of regional dress styles and vibrantly coloured rustic furniture. 

This is one of Europe’s biggest specialised museums and contains over one hundred and thirty nine thousand Hungarian works of art, as well as fifty three thousand from overseas. Its location is unique, it was even once the royal residence.

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