Western Station

Western Station (31)

This railway station is also known as ´Western Station`, rather paradoxically if you consider that all its trains depart for the north and east of Hungary. What’s more, it was also the location of Pest’s first station and saw the departure of its first train on the 15th of July 1846, on a route taking it all the way to the city of Vác.  

The present day station was built in the year 1877 by the French architect Auguste de Serres, who worked for the company of the famous Gustave Eiffel. Over the years the station’s design suffered deterioration and had to be restored. Fortunately, the conservation workers were able to respect and preserve the style of the metallic structure.

It is probable that what most catches your attention in this twenty-five thousand square metre building are its beautiful iron structure and the elegant glasswork of its main facade. It is also worth knowing that at the beginning of the 1970’s a train’s brakes failed here and it crashed through the glass, ending up on the tram rails in front of the station.

If you head to the end of the vestibule you will find a lintel inscribed with the words: ´Viribus Units`, meaning ´Union creates strength` in English. This spot used to be the royal waiting room. 

Also pay special attention to the fast-food establishment located to the right of the main entrance. This used to be the location of the elegant station bar but is today a McDonald’s which has, however, conserved almost all its many frescoes, stuccos and old lamps. This has meant it has come to be known as ´the most beautiful McDonald’s in the world`.

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