Parliament Street

Parliament Street (12)

Parliament Street’s name in Hungarian is Országház Utca and was once the location of the former parliament of Buda. This was a baroque style building that gave its name to the thoroughfare. Today it houses the ´Hungarian Academy of Sciences` in its ceremony room, which was used during the second half of the 19th Century to hold grand balls. 

However, prior to this, during the 15th Century, the street was also known as ´Italian Street` because the Tuscan craftsmen who worked in the royal palace lived here. 

Dating back to the 14th and 15th Centuries are the three houses numbered 18, 20 and 22. They are white, terracotta and lime green buildings and reflect what the district was like in the Middle Ages. If you take a close look at number 20 you will see that it has an inscription belonging to Johann Nicki, the butcher who ordered the house’s reconstruction in 1771. You will also be able to observe a mirror in one of its windows: this was used by residents in former times to see who was calling at the door. 

Lastly, go to number 9 in this street and have a look at the seated niches in its crystallised entrance.

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