Pest (24)

If you like all that is regal and elegant, you will surely prefer the hillside area of Buda, but it has to be said that Pest is what gives the capital its cosmopolitan and modern air. It is also where you will find the main commercial zones and the most important shows, as well as a wide variety of museums and restaurants. 

You will see that the architecture of the district is an eclectic pastiche, which ranges from the decrepit and abandoned look of some zones to the sumptuousness of others. Its wide variety of sights includes the impressive neo-gothic parliament to the beautiful medieval park. 

At the same time, pay attention to the fact that most of the neighbourhoods have names of sovereigns from the Habsburg dynasty, such as Terézváros (district of Maria Theresa) and Józsefváros (district of Joseph). And remember to visit magical and well known places like the Jewish quarter, the lovely pedestrianised streets and the big municipal park. 

Bélvaros marks the perimeter of the old medieval town. Here are located a large number of cafes, bookshops, restaurants and shops. While also on offer are some lovely views of the Buda hillside. 

Vorosmarty Square is the most renowned and beautiful in Pest, making it an essential place to visit. It is also well worth stopping at the famous Gerbeaud Cafe for a coffee and one of its delicious pastries. Opened in 1858, its sumptuous baroque decoration, green velvet and lamps make a visit here like travelling back in time. 

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