Sikló Funicular

Sikló Funicular (50)

There are various ways to follow the route going from Clark Ádám Square, taking in Chain Bridge, all the way to Castle Hill. One of these is to take a trip on the old Funicular. 

It was opened in the year 1870 to transport civil servants to their work places in the palace. Nowadays, however, those who use it most are tourists. 

Another thing that has changed is the way it works, for although it is now run electrically, in the past methods were a little more rudimentary. To be precise, when it was first opened to the public it actually functioned using a vapour machine and took advantage of the weight of the descending carriages to propel those going upwards. 

Later, during the Second World War, the Funicular was severely damaged and taken out of service. Not until the year 1986 was it finally rebuilt. 

It is well worth making the short trip of ninety five metres in this special mode of transport. Whether you go up or down is not especially important, the views are equally stunning and the journey is brief. What’s more, the funicular stays open for a great part of the day, from seven in the morning until ten at night. The prices are also cheap and the waiting time between trips minimal.

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