Introduction (1)

Florence cannot fail to seduce you with its art and culture, being as it is, one of the cities that best represents mankind's achievements. Its extensive collection of museums, churches and galleries often intimidates tourists, as trying to visit all the available monuments and mythical places is all but impossible. Even bearing in mind that this is a relatively small city, visitors are certain to find a museum or monument on virtually every corner. So may we suggest that you take things easy, as this is a city that should be savoured slowly.

Whatever the circumstances, we recommend you do not get bogged down focusing only on the city's artistic offerings, as there are many more things to do here. Stroll through its beautiful gardens, including the Giardino di Boboli, lose yourself in its many streets and piazzas, and contemplate its wealth of beautiful bridges, most notably the legendary Ponte Vecchio. 

Also, do not forget to go shopping in the elegant Via dei Tornabuoni and stop for a cappuccino in one of the old cafes that populate the city. And if what you really want is a good ice cream, head for Vivoli ice cream parlour, considered the best in Italy. 

All this does not mean you should overlook the usual tourist attractions such as Michelangelo's David, the Uffizi Gallery and the Duomo Cathedral, whose steeple offers stunning views of the city. 

Just remember, if you do not have time to see everything, do not worry. Most visitors who visit this city promise to return - this a place that always leaves you wanting more.

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