Abbey Road

Abbey Road (104)

Doubtless as you approach the Abbey Road pedestrian crossing your thoughts will run to the Beatles' repertoire and you'll find yourself singing along to Love me do, Yesterday or Hey Jude. You're standing on the most famous pedestrian crossing in the world, as everything the Liverpool quartet turned their hand turned to gold. A prime example of this is right at your feet. The fact that something as commonplace could become an icon and symbol of the city, or that a simple album cover (which seems to have been done in a hurry on a pedestrian crossing near the recording studio) is known all over the world are merits that can only be attributed to the famous quartet, or rather to their fans, who were responsible for conferring the band their mythical status. So much so that the plaque with the name of the street has had to be placed at the top of the building on the corner both as a means of saving on cleaning costs and to avoid having to replace it whenever it was stolen by some memorabilia hunter. The global impact of this pedestrian crossing led to its being awarded the status of 'classified monument' in December, 2010. 

But if you've come here it's probably because you want to feel like another Beatle and cross the road with the same panache as they did. So make the best of it when the traffic and the dozens of tourists let you and get a profile picture crossing Abbey Road. In true Beatle style. It's a snapshot that you must have in your album, so don't miss your chance!

We mentioned before that the cover of the album appears to have been made hastily... Well, the theory is not that far removed from the reality. The truth is that on the morning of the 8th of August, 1969, the photographer only had 10 minutes to take the picture from a staircase while a policeman stopped the traffic. The best-paid 10 minutes of his professional life, no doubt! This was the birthplace of what would be the Beatles last studio album.

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