Oxford Street

Oxford Street (5)

Every big city has its big shopping street. In London it is Oxford Street. The 2 kilometres plus from Marble Arch to Saint Giles’ Circus make it one of the longest shopping streets in the world. 

Here you can find the top international labels and brands alongside the popular British ones, where you will find something for everyone with more than 300 shops and department stores. So if you love going shopping, you will love Oxford Street. 

The layout of this street existed in Roman times, and became the main thoroughfare to enter and leave the city. Until around 1782 it was known as Tyburn Road, for the River Tyburn that ran alongside and which today flows underground. 

At the end of the 18th century, many of the adjoining fields were bought by the Count of Oxford and soon became a very popular area for the entertainment put on, which included tiger tamers and masquerades. During the 19th century, the area became famous for its shops, precisely why it is still famous today.

Oxford Street, along with Regent Street and Bond Street form part of a large shopping district. Although unlike Bond Street, where the luxury and exclusive items are on sale, Oxford Street has something for all budgets. The other main shopping area in London is Knightsbridge, famous for the Harrods department store.

If you want to see a shop that has been here for almost a century, then make sure you go to Selfridges, a traditional department store that opened in 1909, on the corner of Duke Street, and recognisable for its façade in Ionic order. It is well worth going inside and having a wander around, if only to take in the traditional style. 

If you like Christmas, you will love walking down Oxford Street and taking in the wonderful decorations and spectacular Christmas lights that sparkle in the festive season. 

So enjoy one of the most famous streets in the world for shopping, but of course remember that it is also one of the most crowded. 

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