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Science Museum (32)

It was founded in 1857 with a collection of objects from the International Exhibition of 1851, which were in the Crystal Palace. To this series of pieces were added the collections of Woodcroft and Maudsley, which included locomotives and naval machinery.

Initially, it formed part of the South Kensington Museum, but separated from it in 1858 and was given the name of Museum of Patents. It eventually became the current Science Museum.

The building that houses the museum dates back to 1913, but its construction was not completed until the 1970s. The collections are distributed on five floors, and the aim is to show the visitor the history of science and technology. The museum pays special attention to all those advances which, from the 18th century onwards, placed Great Britain at the head of the industrial and scientific revolution that changed the concept of the existing world until then.

To comply with this task, in 2000 the museum opened a new wing, the Welcome Wing, where the “Making the Modern World” gallery is. This gallery provides us with a panoramic tour that takes us from the invention of steam machines to the age of computers.

Here you will come across mythical locomotives such as the “Rocket”, the steam device built by Robert Stephenson in 1829, or key pieces of space flights such as the command module of Apollo 10. 

Navigational instruments, planes that hang from the ceiling and an endless list of models and animations help the visitor to understand the important role of science for the development of humanity. It should be said that the museum is not suitable for passive people, since, like any other centre dedicated to science that is worth its salt, you will be asked to take part in the many interactive ideas on show in its rooms.

In contrast, if you prefer a singular proposal, then go to the Dana Centre, an original space attached to the museum in which you can take part in impassioned debates about science and contemporary technology while having a coffee or a salmon Panini bread.

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