Sherlock Holmes Museum

Sherlock Holmes Museum (87)

Although in reality the Georgian-style house where the museum stands is at number 239 Baker Street, it is very similar to what in fiction might have been the mythical number 221b. In fact, it receives a lot of mail addressed to Sherlock Holmes. Fans of the brilliant detective created by Arthur Conan Doyle will really enjoy themselves in this private centre run by the Sherlock Holmes International Society. 

The museum reproduces to the smallest detail the different rooms that, according to the tales and novels by Doyle, were the home of Holmes and Doctor Watson between 1881 and 1904. The first floor features the living room, where you can sit on the detective’s armchair and take photos in front of the chimney. The museum’s owners, however, recommend you bring your own pipe. Next to the living room is Holmes’s bedroom, where you can see his fetish objects, such as the magnifying glass, violin, Persian slippers and equipment for chemical experiments.

When you go up to the second floor you will see, firstly, Mrs. Hudson’s bedroom, the housekeeper of the legendary detective duo, who in the stories was also in charge of preparing the meals. From this room you can then go to Doctor Watson’s room, which houses the diary in which the doctor noted down his thoughts about the case of The Hounds of the Baskerville. 

On the third floor different scenes from the fictional adventures are reproduced with wax figures. In fact, we can see Sherlock Holmes and his archenemy, Professor Moriarty, in the same room.

In contrast, the ground floor is occupied by the museum’s well-stocked shop, where you will be able to find all types of objects related to the figure of Sherlock Holmes, from books to pipes, and even a reproduction of the needle with which the detective injected himself with morphine. 

To all this we should add that to round off the magical atmosphere of the place the person who welcomes us in is Mrs Hudson herself. However, do not ask her to make you a cup of tea, because she is an actress just playing the part. Elementary, my dear Watson.

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