Chora (2)

Chora, also known as Mykonos, is the island's capital, and a town that will be sure to impress anyone lucky enough to visit. A simple stroll around its narrow, labyrinthine alleys is enough to get a feel for the place.

While walking you will discover a uniquely picturesque landscape of painted white houses, blue windows, wooden doors, narrow cobblestone streets, countless chapels and churches, impressive windmills... A portrait of typical Greek island architecture interspersed with the sun's rays and gentle sea breezes.

We recommend starting your route at the port, the perfect spot from where to get a fantastic view of Chora: the Aegean at your feet dotted with small fishing boats and luxury yachts while in front of you a white line follows the contour of the hillside. 

It won't be long before you realise that the port area is the hub of the town's social life. All around, the nooks and laneways are full of taverns, cafes, bars and restaurants that are bustling at any time of day, but even more so at night.

Continuing the route you will come across a building with a distinctive red brick roof - the Town Hall - a seventeenth century building commissioned by the Russian consul during the years of Russian occupation. 

Opposite the town hall you will find the small church of St. Nicholas with its characteristic blue dome. Locals call this church Agios Nikolakis and it is not to be confused with the Temple of St. Nicholas, which is also found in the town.

From this point you can choose to discover either the upper or lower parts of the town. In the upper part you will come to the Castro District, where the Venetians built a castle, though little of it remains. The lower part of the town features "Little Venice", one of the most picturesque parts of Chora, a bustling area full of bars, cafes and taverns. 

On the way to or from "Little Venice" we recommend you stop at the Church of Paraportiani. Then prepare to get lost in a maze of streets before once again arriving at the port in an ambience reminiscent of Venice itself.

If you like shopping, the best option is to pass by the Cathedral down Mitropoleos street then follow Enoplon Dynameon, where you will come across the Three Fountains which until recently supplied town's water. Finally, take Matogianni street, where you will find many folk art, jewellery and designer clothes shops.

If you prefer to visit one of the town's museums, near the Three Fountains you will find the Maritime Museum and the House of Lena, near the port, the Archaeological Museum and, near the old castle, the Folk Museum. 

Despite its popularity and the many tourists who visit each year, Chora is a fascinating town that has survived the passage of time without losing any of its charm or traditional character.

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