432 Park Avenue

432 Park Avenue (142)

Park Avenue for its location is, undisputedly, one of those to blame for. Indeed, with its 426 metres, it is one of the tallest buildings throughout the United States.

Before starting the works, the former Drake Hotel, dating from 1926, had to be demolished. This hotel was known for hosting great celebrities, such as Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and even The Who, among others.

The foundations of 432 Park Avenue are from 2011, its construction began in 2012, its crowning happened at the end of 2014, its completion occurred in December 2015 and its occupation began in 2016. They are record figures, since its square structure, both simple and elegant, allowed workers to erect it at the breakneck pace of one floor per week. 

Its more than 100 apartments are spread over 85 floors and all have something in common: design, luxury and exclusivity. Indeed, so you can get an idea, inside this skyscraper you will find from golf training facilities to private cinemas.

A square ground floor, 6 3 x 3 m square windows ... The building was designed by the Uruguayan architect, Rafael Viñoly, known for the curious and controversial Walkie-Talkie in London, among others. While many criticise the building for its extreme simplicity and for just looking like a square column, the truth is that these are the characteristics that make it a unique work that Viñoly himself describes as "the purest geometric shape: the square".

However, the biggest controversy this building has unleashed is the ensuing appreciation of the soil, the neighbourhood, the apartments and housing, in general, in Manhattan. To give you an idea, the highest penthouse of 432 Park Avenue was already sold off plan at the end of 2015 for $95 million, i.e. about €86 million. This penthouse features more than 700 square metres, 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms and surely a few more details. Its owner is the Saudi magnate, Fawaz Alhokair, and, as people say, its views are the most envied ones around Manhattan.

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