Asia Society and Museum

Asia Society and Museum (112)

At Park Avenue, a traditional architectural style prevails, with the exception of this curious building in red granite, which houses the headquarters of the Asia Society in New York. This educational and non-profit organisation was founded in 1956 by John D. Rockefeller III, a great lover of culture in Asia. Initially, the centre aimed to promote this culture throughout the United States, but, at present, it is also a multidisciplinary and global institution, based in California, Washington, Hong Kong, the Philippines, India and Korea, among others. The Asia Society does a great educational and social work, with a regular program of lectures and presentations on the effects of globalisation, human rights, AIDS and other topics that should concern us all.

To start off the tour, we recommend you visit the lobby of the building, where you will find The Garden Court Café, often recommended by the Michelin Guide. Do not miss its snacks from the Far East. We recommend you try the delicious crab cake with Thai curry and green apple or the classic toasted pumpkin seeds, always accompanied by a good Chinese beer, such as the Tsingtao. You will notice that everything is delicious.

But, undoubtedly, the most important part of the Asia Society is the museum. Here about 250 pieces of the famous Rockefeller collection are also exhibited. Among them, you cannot miss the Southeast Asian bronzes, Chinese ceramics, Japanese paintings from 3,000 years ago and other impressive works from countries such as Afghanistan, India, Nepal and Pakistan. In addition, the museum organises exhibits of contemporary Asian artists, which are usually very impressive. Check the agenda, because we assure you it is really interesting.

If you would like to know any other detail about this institution, come to no. 112 on 64th E Street. There you will see a building designed by Philip Johnson with a facade of tinted glass with a very characteristic steel grid, where all these Asian Rockefeller artworks were formerly located. It is known as the Old Asia House and about a 5-minute walk from here. Do not miss it.

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