Bryant Park

Bryant Park (70)

New Yorkers love to walk around Bryant Park. You will see how you will love it too.

The space that is now Bryant Park was a former Native American hunting ground, and was designated as public property by Governor Thomas Dongan in 1686 and at the beginning of the American Revolution in 1776, it was one of the areas traversed by General Washington’s troops. And this lovely park originally was called Reservoir Square, because right next door was New York’s old water reservoir, from 1840 or so. Where? On the site of the majestic Public Library.

A little later, in 1853, in the First World Exhibition held in New York, this park hosted the famous Crystal Palace Exhibition; an impressive iron and glass structure that fascinated the entire world. Mark Twain himself visited it at age 17 and wrote "it is beautiful beyond description". Of course, the Grand Palace and the exhibition was the first tourist boom in the city.

However, Bryant Park is nowadays a beautiful and busy area of green lawn surrounded by trees and flowers to walk among and relax in Midtown. The park's name is inherited from a major poet, journalist and literary critic of the 19th century named William Cullen Bryant, known for being a great defender of human rights and freedom and an advocate for abolishing slavery.

If you are lucky enough to be in Bryant Park in summer, you can enjoy lively night-time jazz concerts and outdoor cinema sessions. Or if it is September or February, you will see that the park is transformed into one of the settings for fashion shows that set the stage for fashion around the world. A great spectacle.

As a final recommendation, from mid-April to October, go to the east side of Bryant Park and enjoy the Bryant Park Café. An unforgettable experience in an unforgettable setting.

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