Caffe Reggio

Caffe Reggio (139)

Undoubtedly, Caffe Reggio is the most famous cafe in Greenwich Village. For its easily recognisable green exterior and its tiny terrace, for its interiors filled with paintings, for the celebrities that pop by, for its long history and, above all, for having served the first cappuccino in the US, which was introduced by its founder, Domenico Parisi, in the twenties.

In fact, once you have entered the cafe you will find the original coffee maker its founder used to serve that first cappuccino ... and many more later on, of course. This coffee maker dates from 1902 and is a real gem. It took Domenico Parisi quite a while to save enough money to buy it and, eventually, open its Caffe Reggio in 1927. Since then, this great venue has earned itself a spot in the history of New York and is, at present, the ideal place to sit down and grab a quick cup of coffee. Or to stay a little longer! Because you will discover small historical jewels inside that will tell you its history and that of Manhattan.

In addition, this great cafe is highly photogenic. So much so that it has appeared in countless movies you may have seen on the big screen. From "The Godfather Part II" and "The Kremlin Letter" to "In Good Company", among many others. Perhaps due to all that, celebrities often show up here. For example, this is Sean Lennon's preferred cafe, i.e. the only son of Yoko Ono and John Lennon, Julian Lennon's brother on their father's side and brother of Kyoko Chan Cox on their mother's side.

Caffe Reggio is also a very popular spot among Americans. It is a small relic with history and stories to tell, as it was even the backdrop of one of the famous speeches by John Fitzgerald Kennedy in 1959, two years before becoming president of the United States. Many people still remember this.

One last curiosity. One of the exterior benches allegedly belongs to a palazzo of the famous Medici family from Renaissance and is some 500 years old. Of course, if you find a free space, you can sit down there while you enjoy your cappuccino and the atmosphere of this lovely cafe.

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