Jewish Musem

Jewish Musem (117)

With more than 26,000 pieces, the Jewish Museum houses the largest collection of art and objects of Jewish culture in the United States, with which you will be able to embark on a historical journey of more than 4,000 years until the present day.

The germ of the museum was just twenty-something ceremonial objects Judge Mayer Sulzberger donated to a seminary. Gradually, the library of the seminary was extended and the Jewish Museum was established, although it was not located in this great mansion until the middle of the last century, which dates from 1908 and was designed by architect Gilbert, with renovations and extensions being performed by Samuel Glazer in 1963 and by Kevin Roche in 1993. This building was commissioned by the banker, Felix Warburg, against the will of his father-in-law, Jacob Schiff, from the influential Schiff's family, who believed that such pomp could lead to an anti-Semitic reaction in the city. Not until the death of the banker did his widow donate the building to the museum.

Among its exhibits, you will find coins, antique books, valuable manuscripts, ceremonial objects, paintings, sculptures, etc., from common items of everyday life to works of art by Marc Chagall, Camille Pissarro and George Segal themselves.

Of all its works we recommend you do not miss the marriage contract from 1776 in Italy and another one from 1647 in Persia, the self-portrait by Man Ray from 1930, as well as a spice container from 1550, a Sabbath lamp of the 14th century, up to a gravestone of over 2,000 years.

Strolling through the different rooms is very interesting, because it is very well organised, in order to be highly enjoyable and rewarding. If you do not know them already, you will see and understand marriage, the new year, Hanukkah and other Jewish ceremonies; thus, get to know the Jewish people better.

Furthermore, if you are Jewish or just interested in this culture, we recommend you do not miss the Museum of Jewish Heritage, in Battery Park City, in the south Manhattan island.

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