Museum of the City of New York

Museum of the City of New York (118)

If you would like to know the history of New York, this is the museum for you, because the Museum of the City of New York was founded in 1923 to present the history of this city and its people, both known and anonymous, and work for the present and future of New Yorkers.

The building that houses it was designed by Joseph J. Freedlander in a neo-Georgian style and completed in 1930. The truth is that it is a very elegant mansion in red brick with an American colonial touch, featuring four stone columns that stylise the entrance, behind the stairs.

On its different levels, you will be able to find posters, photographs, paintings, models, books, manuscripts, jewellery, watches, silver items, clothing, furniture and even antique toys. Everything is related to New York, of course. Highlights are also the police and firefighter collections, as well as that dedicated to theatre, especially Broadway's golden age.

Among the most curious objects in its collection, pay special attention to a chair that belonged to Sara Rapelje, the daughter of Joris Jansen Rapelje, from the former New Amsterdam. They say she was the first person born in the United States who descended from European colonists.

From its collection of decorative arts, you cannot miss the silver items, like trays or teapots from the 19th century, as well as travel antiques and medical devices from the 18th century. It is funny to see how some items have changed a lot and others very little.

Of its clothing collection, very old original pieces and objects of the most important designers in New York stand out. Look at the trends and how they repeat periodically.

Visit the museum calmly and gradually discover its peculiarities and curiosities level by level. If you are traveling with children, do not miss the collection of antique toys. They will love it for sure.

Another area of the museum that tourists never miss is the store. Indeed, here you can find souvenirs of excellent quality, for example, to decorate your living room with a picture of New York in the early 20th century, or perhaps a cap or body suit for a baby to give away as a gift with the museum logo.

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