New York Times Building

New York Times Building (138)

The project of this fantastic skyscraper was already announced in late 2001, shortly after the news that construction of the famous Hearst Tower would be carried forward. Thus, with its 52 floors, the elegant and sober New York Times Building quickly raised to 319 meters, so at the time of its opening in 2007 it became the third tallest building in New York.

The building design is the work of the Italian architect firm, Renzo Piano, and FXFOWLE Architects, from New York. Renzo Piano is known worldwide for plenty of iconic buildings, including as special highlights the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, with which it surprised the world in the late 1970s. Certainly a myth.

Obviously, as it has been the norm in most buildings of this century, it is a green skyscraper and has also been LEED certified for its environmental friendliness. For example, its double glass wall featuring high brightness maximises natural light inside and, on the other hand, its cover with ceramic profiles helps block direct sunlight and reduce air conditioning. In addition, its different sensors adjust the curtains to maintain a stable and pleasant level of light, helped by 18,000 individually dimmable fluorescent lights, which translates into energy consumption savings of up to 30%. A marvel.

It is certainly this screen and the glass wall that give the building its sober and elegant appearance. In fact, it is robust and delicate at the same time, something which is very difficult to achieve in skyscrapers of this magnitude.

The New York Times Building has lots of character. Thus, we recommend that, if you go for a walk on Times Square at night or you go to see a musical in the area on the days of your visit to New York, you come and enjoy the illuminated skyscraper for its own office lights on each floor. The unforgettable image is the text on the facade that says The New York Times, with the rows of office fluorescent lights in the background. Your camera will love it.

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