Rubin Museum of Art

Rubin Museum of Art (53)

Imagine a place where you feel on top of the world. But we're not talking about the wonderful skyscrapers of New York, but the Rubin Museum of Art, better known as the RMA, where you can discover and admire the best of Himalayan culture.

The building that now houses the museum of over 20,000 square metres was part of Barneys department store in Chelsea. It was purchased in 1998 and renovated between 2000 and 2004 by the Beyer Blinder Belle together with museum designers Atelier Imrey Culbert and even the famous Milton Glaser Incorporated for its graphic identity. Most notable perhaps is that they have kept some details of the old building, such as the grand steel and marble staircase by Andree Putman.

Founded in 1999 and opened in 2004, the RMA collection features more than 2,000 art works such as paintings, sculptures, textiles, ritual objects, prints and others dating from the second century to today and from all the countries through which the famous Himalayas runs from northern Afghanistan to the south of Myanmar: the autonomous region of Tibet, Nepal, Mongolia and Bhutan, primarily, but there are also objects from countries such as Iran, India, China, for example.

It is impressive to tour its different rooms and discover their works, how they were created, when, why and what for. And, unlike the West, in the East most artistic works are created with a very specific purpose. Therefore, in addition to offering great stories, they are full of details that provide great meaning. Also, another important concept to keep in mind is that they are often not signed by a single artist, but by a guild or a school, a teacher and their students

We recommend that you pay particular attention to the deep symbolism of the sculptures, their multiple subtly decorated figures, the narrative of the paintings and the meaning of every little detail.

To finish, stop by the exclusive store to discover their beloved crafts and end your visit with some Nepali delicacies in its cosy café.

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