SoHo (37)

The current neighbourhood of SoHo, named for its location south of Houston Street, is a clear example of constant reinvention. If we told you that this was an industrial area just a hundred years ago, you might think we were talking about somewhere else. But the truth is that if you love to follow the latest trends, talking a stroll through SoHo is an absolute must.

The neighbourhood as you see it today began to take shape in the late 60s, when the large industrial buildings that had been abandoned and derelict for years were taken over by artists looking for cheap square footage in which to live and work. Thus the loft was born, a large open space with high ceilings and vast windows that provided a perfect combination of housing and work space. A few years later, these attracted art galleries and the glamour than came with them. The neighbourhood had already been reborn, and it would soon be home to the trendiest fashion shops in New York and, for many, the world over.

While many New Yorkers miss the bohemian feel of the neighbourhood, the reality is that the goal of millions of visitors every year is to go shopping in SoHo. We could name countless prestigious international designer brands and the best venues to delight your palate, but you should also know that this area is also known as the Cast-Iron District. Among the luxury boutiques and other fashionable places, you will find fascinating buildings featuring this style.

To start with, make you you spend some time at the Little Singer Building at 561 Broadway, with its exceptional modernist façade that masterfully combines steel and glass and was the precursor for New York's glass skyscrapers. Another building worth visiting is the E.V. Haughwout Building, a true Venetian palace in the heart of Manhattan, known for being the first building with a lift open to the public, an invention of Otis presented at the New York Crystal Palace exhibition in 1853.

History, architecture and the best boutiques in the world. A unique combination that captures the hearts of New Yorkers and tourists alike. SoHo is many things, but above all, SoHo is cool.

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