Trinity Church

Trinity Church (13)

Sandwiched in between the skyscrapers of the financial district, this church seems to refuse to disappear into the colossal of large modern buildings.

Seeing now how it is almost buried among the large multinationals, it seems incredible that at one time this was the richest church in the United States, with extensive pasture land belonging to the parish. Moreover, it was the tallest building in New York for much of the second half of the 19th century and served as a landmark for ships approaching the bay.

The church that you see before you is, in fact, the third to be built on this site. The first was completed in 1698 by King William III, and was destroyed by fire during the Great Fire of New York in 1776. In 1839, the second church was demolished due to structural faults and finally, in 1846, the present Neo-Gothic style church was built according to plans by Richard Upjohn.

The three great bronze entrance doors were designed by Richard Morris Hunt, inspired by the doors of the Florence Baptistery by Lorenzo Ghiberti. The expulsion of Adam and Eve from Paradise is depicted on them. Inside the Neo-Gothic style church you will see a window in the choir area that is one of the first to be made in America. 

However, one of the most representative pieces of the church is undoubtedly the bell tower measuring 86 metres and a half, ending in the shape of a sharp needle.

Next to the church is the famous cemetery that is just over one hectare in size, where famous people such as Alexander Hamilton (the first United States Secretary of the Treasury) or the steamboat inventor Robert Fulton are buried. Other prominent figures to have been buried here are William Bradford, founder of the first New York newspaper or Albert Gallatin, founder of the New York University.

In addition, an ossuary keeps the ashes of 2000 prisoners who died during the War of Independence. 

Both the church and the cemetery have been the scene of films, series and TV adverts. 

The contrast offered when you stroll among the oldest tombs in New York protected by skyscrapers is a unique experience to say the very least. It is therefore, surely, one of the most photographed churches by tourists.

It is also a lively church that offers guided tours, gospel, jazz or guitar concerts... And a full schedule of activities for the faithful.

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