Wollman Memorial Park

Wollman Memorial Park (121)

You may probably think you know this space. It has appeared in so many films and TV shows that you may well find it familiar. Among all of them, "Love Story" may readily come to your mind.

As you may have guessed, the Wollman Rink houses the "Victorian Gardens" amusement park with skating rink and other attractions. But, above all, it is known for its huge and popular ice skating rink during winter. 

The Wollman Rink opened in 1949 thanks to a donation of 600,000 dollars by Kate Wollman, and just over 20 years ago it was bought and renovated by the Trump Organisation, owned by the well-known tycoon, Donald Trump. The truth is that, from the day of its opening, in the mid-20th century, the ice rink has been a resounding success all over Manhattan. In fact, in its first year, it received more than 300,000 skaters. A record. At present, it receives an average of 4,000 people a day and certainly remains one of New Yorkers' preferred activities for cold winter nights.

Curiously, you should know that, in the last third of the last century, big concerts at popular prices were held in the Wollman Rink. Stars like Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel and The Allman Brothers gave performances here. A luxury that has fallen into disuse.

If you think that this ice skating rink looks familiar to you, but you imagined it smaller and you miss a golden Prometheus statue, you are probably remembering the Rockefeller Centre Rink. If you like skating or watching skaters, do not hesitate to go there. It is a very New York thing to do.

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