Cimiez Hill

Cimiez Hill (8)

If you want to admire one of the best views in Nice and at the same time, discover one of its most famous neighbourhoods, you should not miss Cimiez Hill. A neighbourhood in the north-east of the city where, in addition, you will find several points of interest worth visiting: the ruins of the Roman city of Cemenelum, the Matisse Museum or the Monastery of Cimiez.

Dare to take a nice walk down the hill and get ready to cross a landscape full of "belle epoque" style villas and palaces that will transport you to another era. If you prefer, you can climb the hill by public transport. Of course, whether you get there on foot or by bus, the best reward awaits you at the top: a panoramic view of the city that deserves to be captured with your camera. According to legend, Cimiez owes its name to the enormous size of the trees that are scattered down the hill and, on reaching this peak, caress the sky with their branches.

Before starting the journey, you should know that you are about to discover the ancient Roman city of Cemenelum. A city founded by Augustus in the year 14 BC, the capital of the province of Alpes-Maritimes and also a great rival of the neighbouring town of Nice.

In fact, the Roman city was in the area that is now occupied by the Cimiez neighbourhood, so walking around this neighbourhood is a famous stroll through old Cemenelum. Of course, if you want to see tangible signs of its past, you will have to visit the Archaeological Museum of Nice-Cimiez, where many of its ruins are displayed. You can visit the amphitheatre, the baths, the paved streets and early Christian area consisting of a cathedral and baptistery. In addition, a collection of objects illustrating the Bronze and Iron Ages, among others, are also exhibited inside.

But the Archaeology Museum is not the only museum you will find on this hill. Here you can also find the Matisse Museum, the Regional Conservatory of Music and the Museum of the Biblical Message, where various works by the painter Marc Chagall are exhibited.

To end the trip, before returning to the city, we recommend a visit to the Franciscan Monastery of Cimiez. A 16th-century monastery known for its cemetery, the temple and its adjacent gardens, ideal for a stop on the way with a picture-postcard including: the city at your feet, wrapped in a blue radiant sea. If you are passionate about painting, you should know that in this cemetery lie the remains of the painters Henri Matisse and Raoul Dufi and Roger Martin du Gard, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1937.

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