Cours Saleya

Cours Saleya (6)

If you want to discover one of the liveliest streets in Nice, you cannot miss Cours Saleya. Located in the heart of the old city, this street is a real hive of bars, restaurants and souvenir shops, inhabited by groups of workers who stop for coffee and groups of tourists who walk around photographing everything in their path.

For lovers of Matisse, Cours Saleya is also a landmark because, for several years, the painter lived in the attic there at number 1 of this street. If you visit, do not miss the antique store that is located in the basement of the building; between objects and memories of the past, you can find very curious and interesting things.

In addition to its lively atmosphere and the mark left by Matisse, the great pearl of Cours Saleya is the famous flower market. One of the best attractions in the city, where you can find all kinds of flowers, crafts and delicacies.

Our advice: if you are on holiday, get up early and savour the magic of this charming market. The perfect time to get there is around 6 in the morning, just as the vendors are setting up and the tourists are still sleeping or sipping a coffee in the hotels. If this is an ungodly hour for you, at least try to arrive between 8 and 9am. And if you intend to buy, make sure you arrive with pockets full of coins and small notes; do not risk carrying large notes.

If you decide to visit, do not forget that it is open every day to the week except Monday when it is replaced by an antiques market.

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