Theatre of Photography and Image

Theatre of Photography and Image (11)

Photography lovers cannot leave this city without visiting the Theatre of Photography and Image of Nice.

Located in the heart of the city, close to the busy Boulevard Jean Medicine, the museum is housed inside a building that formerly housed the Theatre de l'Artistique. A beautiful place that, despite the passing years, has retained the charm and elegance of the belle époque.

The museum recently celebrated ten years. A decade of intense work carried out in order to build a photographic collection of Nice and its region, as extensive as it is interesting. Ancient documents, images that portray the urban and human heritage of the city, photographs of its historic and industrial past... An extensive archive that has been built up over the years through orders, purchases or donations.

But the Theatre of Photography and Image of Nice is much more than a great collection of images from this part of the Riviera. It is a real tribute to photographic art, which gives you the opportunity to discover amazing works from around the world and, of course, some of the best photographers in France.

A permanent tribute in the form of exhibitions that the museum complements with a wide range of activities: seminars, conferences, training courses, a documentation centre, a library, a coffee shop, etc. A great experience that you can enjoy for free every day, except Mondays and public holidays when it is closed to the public.

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