Sacré-Coeur (62)

One of the most popular churches in Paris is the Sacré-Coeur, Sacred Heart. It stands imposingly on the top of the hill of Montmartre, in the north of Paris.

Montmartre means “mountain of the martyrs”. It is thought that it was here where Saint Denis, the first bishop of Paris, was martyred. Among the illustrious and divine visitors were Saint Joan of Arc, Saint Vincent of Paul and the founders of the Company of Jesus, the Jesuits, Ignatius Loyola and Saint Francis Xavier.

It is in Roman-Byzantine style and began to be built, following a design by Paul Abadie, in 1875 and was completed in 1914. It was not consecrated, however, until 1919 after the First World War.

From the gardens below you will be able to take in the best view of the cupola and its towers. The ovoid cupola is the highest point in Paris after the Eiffel Tower.

The basilica is completely white and rests over a large crypt.

At the entrance on guard are the statues of Saint Joan of Arc and Saint Louis, the work of Lefèbvre. A little higher up you will see the figure of Christ.

And on the magnificent bronze doors you will be able to appreciate some sculptural relief work with scenes that illustrate the life of Jesus, with the Last Supper.

On entering the temple you will see that its ground plan is square. The nave is crowned by the large cupola and surrounded by seven chapels. The cupola reaches a height of around 80 metres. It can be reached by climbing a spiral staircase. It is well worth taking on the 234 steps to be able to enjoy one of the most spectacular views of Paris. They say that on a clear day you can see for up to 30 kilometres away.

Inside the basilica do not miss the massive mosaic that represents the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the work of Luc Olivier Merson and Marcel Magne between 1912 and 1922, as well as the much-loved silver statue of the Virgin and Child from 1896.

The bell tower is also worth a visit. It is inside a massive square tower. Here you can see the biggest bell in France and one of the biggest in the world. It is known as "la Savoyarde" since it was a gift from the diocese of Savoy. Its measurements are spectacular: the bell is 3 metres in diameter and weighs a little more than 18 tons.

The crypt is enormous and has many chapels. In one of them is the stone urn that contains the heart of Legentil, one of the basilica’s benefactors.

Every year many thousands of pilgrims visit the basilica. By the way, did you know that since its consecration in 1919, the basilica has been a place of worship of eternal prayer, there being a cycle of prayers day and night, without stopping?

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