Mucha Museum (Muchovo Muzeum)

Mucha Museum (Muchovo Muzeum) (56)

For lovers of art nouveau, of its elegance and delicateness, you simple must visit the Mucha Museum, situated behind Wenceslas Square.

As you will already have noticed, Prague owes some of its finest paintings and ornamentations to the artist Alphonse Mucha, master of art nouveau and leading figure of Czech art. Since 1998 and thanks to the collaboration with the Mucha Foundation, the museum that pays homage to him is placed in the 18th-century Kaunicky Palace.

Alphonse Mucha was born in 1860 and died in 1939. His first commissions were as decorator for the theatre and later he devoted himself fully to painting. He travelled to Paris to perfect his technique and it was there, as from 1894, where he experienced his period of splendour with posters that have entered the history books, such as the one he produced for Sarah Bernhardt. Everything that today is classified as art nouveau, such the plant motifs or the stylised women with long hair, was given full emphasis in Mucha’s work.

In 1910 he returned to Prague, where the new generation of painters did not welcome him as he had expected, that is to say as a grand master. Times had changed, but despite everything, his contribution was essential to the decoration of the Municipal House and in some stained-glass windows in the Cathedral of Saint Vitus. The last of his works is a large series made up of 20 large format canvases.

The 500 square metres of the Mucha Museum show some 80 pieces among the artist’s works and personal items. You will be able to appreciate posters, drawings and lithographs as well as sculptures and photographs taken by Mucha himself. If you come with the idea of seeing the Paris works you will not be disappointed, since this period is very well documented.

A special space is the reconstruction of the artist’s studio with its original furnishings.

In summer, when the temperature is pleasant, a charming cafeteria is opened in the central courtyard of the museum. If you prefer shopping, the shop contains all kinds of souvenirs decorated with motifs by this brilliant Czech painter.

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