Bank of Brazil Cultural Centre

Bank of Brazil Cultural Centre (56)

This spectacular neoclassical building was built in the late nineteenth century, following the designs of the Brazilian architect Francisco Joaquim Béthencourt da Silva. It hosted the headquarters of Bank of Brazil between the 1920s and 1960s, as well as being home to several financial institutions.

At present, it houses the Cultural Centre of the city of Rio de Janeiro and, within its more than nineteen thousand square metres, you can find a wide variety of artistic expressions that have turned the Bank of Brazil Cultural Centre into one of the country's largest spaces of cultural diffusion.

In addition to the three theatres, the library with more than a hundred and twenty five thousand works, the restaurants, the entertainment areas, the video room and those 1,430 square metres devoted exclusively to the exhibition of visual arts, it is also possible to visit the former offices of the Bank of Brazil. 

You will feel like the President of the bank walking through his office or meeting rooms. The décor is highly refined, the paintings, furniture and shelves full of books combine perfectly with those columns, stairs, ornaments and marbles, which were recovered before the opening of the Cultural Centre of Rio in 1989.

Although, undoubtedly, part of the appeal of the Bank of Brazil Cultural Centre lies in the imposing central dome crowning the building. A source of light that imbues all exhibits on the surface of that rotunda with an even more artistic touch. 

Do not be surprised if you see school groups, and older groups as well, performing activities of corporal expression. What better place than the birthplace of Brazilian culture as a source of inspiration for their exercises and activities?

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