Leblon Beach

Leblon Beach (19)

Leblon beach, which continues south of Ipanema beach after crossing the Jardim de Alah canal and ends at the Morro Dois Irmãos, two of the most characteristic mountains of the upper area of Rio, is the preferred area for Rio's jet set crowd. If Ipanema is the beach of millionaires, Leblon is known as the beach of billionaires.

This kilometre and a half of white sand is much more peaceful than its neighbour. It is popular with families thanks to the family-orientated atmosphere, especially near posto 12, which features the Baixo Bebê, an area dedicated to the youngest members of the public that has recreational activities and a playground where little ones can enjoy this wonderful beach as much, or if not more, than their parents.

Many of the most popular television channels in Rio often film soap opera scenes in the streets of Leblon. So don't be surprised if you come across a huddle of people or cameras filming in the middle of the street. Perhaps you'll even appear as an extra in a famous Brazilian TV series. The neighbourhood of Leblon, and especially its beaches, exude style and glamour. If you look closely at the beach, you may spot an actor or actress, a writer or even a famous football player among the carioca swimmers and sunbathers.

If you want to enjoy a highly photogenic view of the entire coast of Leblon, Ipanema and Arpoador, it is best to go to the Mirador de Leblon located at the end of the promenade to the south. Without a doubt, the views are worth it and you'll get an idea of the beauty that is hidden behind those kilometres of white sand in this area of Rio.

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