Villa-Lobos Museum

Villa-Lobos Museum (26)

They say that this is "a museum for the eyes, the ears and the Brazilian soul".

Heitor Villa-Lobos was born in Rio de Janeiro on 5 March 1887 and was a conductor and composer. His music was influenced by both Brazilian folk music and European classical music.

Villa-Lobos also played a key role as a teacher of the music of his country. He designed a complete musical education system for children and young people in order to promote what he called the process of "the formation of a Brazilian musical consciousness". 

His love for music, along with his sense of patriotism based on the rich musical culture of Brazil, led him to create a wide range of works, including choir music, ballets, symphonies, operas and the score for the Hollywood Film Green Mansions, starring Audrey Hepburn.

The museum, which opened in 1961, two years after the composer's death, was formerly in another building and moved here in 1982. 

The Villa-Lobos Museum pays homage to one of Rio de Janeiro's most famous icons. 

In addition to the preservation and dissemination of his musical legacy, the museum organises numerous cultural and educational initiatives, and the institution holds festivals, international contests and publishes books and records, thus confirming the desire to perpetuate the music of Brazil held by Heitor Villa-Lobos, a leading figure of the cultural movement known as Brazilian Modernism.

Here, in this beautiful mansion, you'll observe an exhibition that represents the life and work of the master, such as numerous scores, documents, photographs, instruments and personal belongings. The collection contains more than 50,000 items.

His exhibition revolves around three rooms, a permanent exhibition and temporary exhibitions, with video screenings, concerts and small recitals. 

We're confident that the work started by Villa-Lobos is alive and kicking, because if there's one thing that cariocas love, it's music.

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