Arpoador Stone

Arpoador Stone (17)

It is said that there used to be so many whales in this part of the Brazilian coast that fishermen were able to catch them from the shore with harpoons. The name began to spread and that's why this beach is known as Arpoador beach today. 

Arpoador features a fun mix; a surf shop and trendy bars where you can grab a drink stand alongside older places such as Pin Pin Sumos, a boteco where you can enjoy a refreshing juice, or Pigalle, one of the few restaurants that still serve rodizio de petiscos, endless tapas consisting of dozens of small dishes.

Separating the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema, Arpoador beach is a meeting place for fans of the surfing world, not only during daylight hours, but also at night. Thanks to the installation of artificial light, the most daring surfers can ride the waves by night. 

Devil's Beach, so called for the strong currents and waves, is another of the beaches favoured by the bravest and most skilled surfers and is located on the opposite side of the Arpoador Stone. Although it may be a good place to take a couple of photos, swimming in these waters is not recommended if you're at all unsure. Remember that currents, especially in the Atlantic Ocean, can be quite treacherous, and this beach is fairly dangerous, even for cariocas themselves.

Arpoador beach is not only a meeting point for surfers; it is also a must for those who want to enjoy one of the best sunsets in the world. 

If you stroll along the promenade of Ipanema and pass the famous life-size bronze statue of Tom Jobim carrying his guitar, created by Christina Motta in honour of the famous bossa nova founder, you'll come to the Arpoador Stone, one of the busiest places in all of Rio, especially in summer.

At about seven o'clock in the evening, crowds of people come to this area of the beach and climb the stone to witness one of the most beautiful sunsets in Rio de Janeiro.

People look for a spot among the rocks to watch the sunset until the magic moment when the sun disappears, and everyone starts applauding the stunning spectacle.

In summer, the sun seems to merge with the sea, and in winter, the Morro Dois Irmãos appears to swallow it. 

The pleasant temperatures at this time of the evening, the wonderful and fantastic views, and the magic that seems to captivate the moment undoubtedly provide an experience that can't fail to leave an impression on you and that you'll never forget.

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