Imposing Rio

Imposing Rio (2)

As you know, Rio de Janeiro is imposing. It is so big. When people first arrive they often don't know where to start. But we'll try to help you make the most of the Marvellous City.

It can be divided into nine large areas:

1. Copacabana. All we can say is that the Princesinha do Mar is unmissable.

2. Ipanema, Leblon. It is teeming with tourists both by day and by night. Ipanema beach is the most beautiful in the south, which continues west to Leblon, one of the most refined neighbourhoods in Rio de Janeiro. At the east end of the beach is Arpoador, one of the best places to enjoy the sunset. Behind the beaches is the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, with its varied cuisine and sports activities. On the western edge you'll find the amazing botanical garden.

3. Barra da Tijuca. It's like carioca Miami. Luxurious buildings, shopping centres and 18 km of beaches make it one of the quietest areas of Rio.

4. Botafogo and Flamengo. Some beautiful beaches, nowadays less desirable. Catete Palace and the picturesque neighbourhood of Glória. With beautiful views of Guanabara Bay and Sugar Loaf Mountain; in fact this is the area to access it.

5. The centre. Here you'll find what little remains of Rio's imperial past. The neighbourhood of Lapa is known as the carioca Montmartre and boasts lively nightlife. Santa Teresa is perhaps the most picturesque neighbourhood of Rio. This area features the Cathedral, the Arcos de Lapa, the Escadaria of Selarón and many other attractions.

6. The port area. This area doesn't hold much appeal for visitors. It's just the way to the Rio-Niteroi bridge, which leads to Búzios.

7. The northern area. Futevol and samba. The Maracana stadium and the Salgueiro and Mangueira samba schools are among the few sites worth visiting. The Quinta de Boa Vista, where you'll find the National Museum and the zoo, is also worth visiting.

8. Christ the Redeemer, just unmissable. In addition to being an iconic landmark, it's also a good way to get your bearings in Rio, which has a somewhat peculiar geography. It has the best views of the whole city. You'll also be able to observe a sea of inequalities. Across the city, wealth and misery coexist with nature. The favelas, located in the hills, blend with affluent areas. For example, the luxurious neighbourhood of Leblon sits alongside Vidigal, one of the most troubled areas.

9. The Pão de Açúcar is another must-see that'll provide you with some amazing photos of Rio, especially at sunset. 

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