Imposing Rio - Safety

Imposing Rio - Safety (3)

That's all. Just like in any large city. 

Take some small precautions such as not straying too far from the tourist areas. There's no need to go to Copacabana without your camera, for example, but it's unnecessary to wear expensive jewellery or leave your bag and belongings unattended on the beach or in a bar. Many restaurants and hotels have private security, and there is a permanent police presence on the streets during the day. Although there are fewer police at night, there's no need to be scared of going out. Just take a few extra precautions. 

It is common to see homeless people sleeping on the streets, and although it may be a shocking sight, you'll quickly discover that they don't bother anyone. 

Don't be suspicious of the carioca kindness. That's just how they are: friendly and open. Often they just want to make conversation without any ulterior motives. The priority of cariocas is to care for their visitors, but of course not all of them feel that way.

The south is quieter, and we also recommend that you take extra precautions in the centre and Lapa. There's no need to be afraid, but the centre can become an undesirable place after sunset, and the part of Lapa where much of the nightlife is concentrated can become pretty bleak if you leave the busiest streets. Enjoy yourself and dance here, but take care and stay on the busiest streets. 

As a general rule, the further north you go, the more cautious you should be.

There are favelas nearby, of course, but most "communities" in the southern area are "pacified" i.e. police units are established there. Don't lose perspective: even in the most dangerous areas, especially in the northern part of the city, most inhabitants are hard-working people and only a small proportion are involved in drug trafficking and crime. 

What's more, you'll miss out on experiencing the true heart of Rio if you don't visit one of them.

You'll see how all your worries will be dispelled in just a few days. So our recommendation is enjoy it with caution but don't worry!

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